Playing exported game help

I have exported my game and I know how to play it but does anyone know how to turn it into an exe? Since it is a zip and it resets everything every time you play. Does anyone know how to convert it?

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@JR01 summoning (knows flowlab export lore)

yeah i have asked him about exporting like 30 times :skull: since im trying to post it on itch

my reaction to that information:


You need all the files in the zip to play the game, so I assume you would have to upload all of it to itch.

You could maybe try unzipping into another folder and then uploading that folder?

I did that but even then it does not save anything and also I need it to be an exe so it can just be run from download.

You have to unzip the folder. In the new unzipped folder, there should be an exe file to play the game.


I did that too I still can’t take the exe out of convert it since it needs lime data

You can’t take the exe file out of its folder, you can only copy it as a shortcut.
Like right click the exe and click “send to desktop”.

The folders itself is the game, like how your other games are sent to the programs files folder.
When the folder becomes unzipped, they become rightable so you can save your game.


Ok thank you very much I will try that!

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