Playing theme music continually...

Hi, I have set up my theme music, I have chosen Jungle 3, but it only plays through once despite having checked the loop box. I have a Once trigger attached as was shown in the tutorial, tried changing this but the music goes weird. Is there a way to have it running continually please?

Could you leave a link to the game?
The loop check should work, what object is it in?

It’s in the player behaviour.

Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s on level 2 by the way, I think level 1 is ok

you made everything loop R.I.P my eardrums

I have un-looped the other sounds so just the main music is looping now.
My apologies to your ear drums!

Lv2 music loops for me

I would recommend not making it so that the character can fly.

OK, strange then, so music continually runs for you on level 2? If you take your time with it, it stops after about a minute of playing the game for me. I find the music has been pretty glitchy full stop for me. Sometimes I can hear it sometimes there is nothing, if I reload it, it can sometimes resolve the issue. It seems it needs a lot of power to run smoothly??

I had been thinking about stopping it from being able to fly about but not sure how to achieve this?! I am a complete novice and this is my first attempt at creating a game. I am sure it is probably something very easy to do that I haven’t figured!

@aimsjj what do you mean by stopping it from being able to fly about?

If you hold the key to jump then the character can fly

For Movement and the music, your can look at the behaviors in the character in this game I am working on.

Make sure to click on the bundle for WASD movement and them press “Open Bundle” also make sure to click on the behaviors that can have adjustments.

@YouMakeEm thank you! :slight_smile: