Please Help Me Again!

I Made A Game Where You Shoot And Kill Zombies But When I Shoot I Cant Figure Out How To Kill The Zombies…Help Please… Take A Look

I Tried To Use The Collision And Destroy Tools But That Did Not Work I Also Did The Same With Trying Blowing It Away When I Shoot.

use a key and change it to what ever you want to press to shoot
connect the key to an emitter
set the emitter to bullet or what ever name you named it
in behaviors of bullet add a collision or proximity in it set it to zombie or what ever you named it then connect that to a message name it to kill or what ever you would like
in zombie behaviors add a mail box and set it to kill or what ever you named it connect the mail box to destroy it should work


or the super easy way for the zombie’s behaviors
[collision with new object 12] – [destroy]

I Tried This But He Just Stays There

Oh Wait Ill Try This

Mhx I Did That It Did Not Work But Super creator i will do it that way


I just did it my way and it works. Idk why it’s not working for you.

i need real help nothing is working and im getting mad!

Hey, I just took a look at your game - instead of using Proximity to kill the zombie, change it to a Collision trigger, like Mhx suggests. I just tried that in your game and it worked great.

ok ill try that even tho ive been doing that

Omg Finally I Got It To Work Thanks Grazer And Mhx Air I Was Doing It Wrong

BTW Grazer I Hope You Get The Download The Game Thing Soon And Make The Download Thing Free Or At Least Cheap Please Im Limited In Paypal Money

7.99 Is All I Got

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Uh how do I make things shoot at the player?