Please help me create a fade effect

Alright, I have seen this before. And i tried what was on that discussion, but unfourtently, I think I suk at flowlab. I copy and paste some code, I do everything it says, but it just doesn’t work! :cry::cry::sob::sob: Please help me with a fade effect. Click play = Fades in, then fades out.
The example I used was from NYCTOPHOBIA by jr_01. He said on another post to look at the code from fade-2, and I followed that. I just can’t make it work. Pls help

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I just make an object that is the size of the entire screen and is entirely black. Then, in the behaviors, I send 0 to the alpha to make it transparent. Then once you click a button or press a key you could add to the 0 to make the black object fade back in if that makes sense.

Sorry I can’t provide pictures right now.

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Use an Ease behavior from 0 to 100 (and vise versa)


Ooo I never knew you could do that!

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Just make sure you set it to ‘linear’.
‘Exponential’ works too but it just doesn’t look right.

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As Caden9 said, you basically just pair an Ease behavior with an Alpha behavior. The Alpha changes the visibility of a sprite, and the Ease makes it gradual.

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Dam it that’s why, I set it to Quadric since that was what was on NYCTOPHOBIA

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I did know that (not to be rude or anything)

Thanks grazer for renaming, thats better

No problem. Yea, the quadratic one will just make the fade happen in a different way.

@sans7657 - please use sensible, descriptive topic titles. I’ve fixed this one for you :slight_smile:

Yep, will try to improve :smile: