Please help me I need the code to let my self sprint

So im making a top down game and I need sprinting in it

pls help

And I don’t wanna add a link yet just pls show me a screenshot of the code so I can add sprint (Add a sprint example, @grazer)

well did you look at other that have runinng in it


other games that have sprint in it

You could get a key tirgger and make it shift or something and then put it into a number and put it into velocity and make it higher than regular speed. One sec, let me make something real quick.

I will make a screenshot…

Sorry I don’t have enough time cause I’m in school. But I did develope a sprinting system in my game The Facility.

I honestly can’t remember what I did to make it so I can’t explain much about it, but you are more than welcome to look at the code if you like. And good luck cause I haven’t looked through it in forever so it’s probably a mess.
If you have questions afterward, I’ll try my best to come up with an example sometime when school lets out.

Here is the desighn, but to make you sprint right, then just add another set of numbers like the first ones.

its like this kinda. Just hook it into velocity. It wont work that good but it is a base. You can customise the timers for how long you can sprint and how long the cool down is

I also forgot to say, that mine has a durability bar, so you can only run for a short amount of time. If you stand still your energy charges up faster, but if you continue walking it regenerates slower.

I used Maniac Pumpkins one it was good trying to make like a Baldi’s Basics 2D and as u know

Baldi has sprinting and also has a bar

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Thx but I said Top down not platformer

Just do the same thing but have it going into multiple switches, and when per say the up key was pressed a switched turned on to have it so you could hold shift and go faster upward. Repeat with every direction.

I usually add switches to everything I make because you never know when you’re going to need to use them.

You can either make a switch to turn it off, or you can make is when the key comes up, you make it go to a number with 0, and it will stop.

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