Please help, no .exe files in my windows exports!

There arent any .exe files in my windows export, just a bin folder with some assets from my game and some .json files. ive seen another thread of this but it was old. i really need help, but i didnt know if this was urgent enough to email about so im putting it here instead.
(Also other export problems say [FIXED] but i think the bug has came back.)
thanks for reading. take care, i look forward to continue using this platform to make video games on! :>

Hey @raincoattt - thanks for reporting this, I’ll check it out and let you know when it’s fixed. Normally any problem with the windows export will result in the exe file not being generated, so that’s why you may see other problems in the past that sound similar.

Also, can you post a link to your game?


thank you, heres the link to my game :]

Hey @raincoattt - it looks like I broke the exports this morning when I was working on some small bugfixes in the engine. It should all be fixed up now.

I retriggered both your game exports and they seem to have completed OK. Let me know if you have any more trouble.


yay! thank you so much! hope you have a good day!

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