Please help

In my game, I am trying to make it to where both players in the game can see when the other player presses ready.

you can make it so when the other player presses ready, it sends a message to the other people. and when the other people receive the message something happens

Yes, but it is online multiplayer, so they all go to the same level.

you can have two different buttons and when one person is ready, the button will do an animation

Its not that, notice in my game, there is a 0/(number of players). The value of the zero changes when each player presses ready, but when one person presses ready, the zero changes to 1on their screen, but not on their opponents.

the max player count is still 1

oops, sorry. Wrong game
Here is the correct link :lol:

I was wondering what you meant!

try making the player observer a shared object

ok, thanks. Ill try it

it didn’t work :dissapointed:

Got any other ideas?

are you playing it right now?

you can make a block that is shared and have different animation for each number.

what do you mean? Can you show me?

this way is more complicated(there’s probably a easier way )but if you want, i can show you this way


sure, @USERNAME55

it is going to be something like this. You are going to need more filters and number(connect them the same way as i already did for two). For the animation, you will need to make each frame a different number(starting with 1 in order and do as many as you want.)Screenshot 2020-08-16 at 2.20.02 PM

i don’t really know how to do multiplayer, but i think you can use the player check behavior in some way.
And i have no idea what the shared behavior is:(Screenshot 2020-08-16 at 2.23.58 PM