please play my game

Pretty good game, a little difficult, which is nice, but good job!

Yup, it is quite good. Although I would suggest that, for the blocks/boxes that break on touch, the player has a few seconds to jump off of them before they break, because I got stuck on the final level because the boxes would break instantly.

I like the simple concept

thank you! i will fix the bugs

fixed! you will now have 1 sec to jump before they break
I also lowered the first platform on lvl 1 to make the first jump a little easier

P.S I know I said I would wait until I got 100? to make part 2, but who cares?

wait! I gotta fix something

um… I just found out that i have no clue how to do what SSG just asked me to do

wait! I apparently can do the delay (half a second tho- a full second is too easy)