Please read i need YOUR HELP

i might make a patreon and if i do i want to make it a goal to get you guys to help me on the game ill have to get the studio thing but anybody want in IF i do it?
@“JR 01” @rcreger @ToastMaster64 @“Johnny boy” you guys wanna help?

I don’t have Patreon :anguished:

@rcreger you dont need a patreon the patreon is for the money i dont have for the studio account

Oh, okay @lolpinkshep . I will try to keep in touch if you start the account. Until then, good luck!

“make it a goal to get you guys to help me” :lol:

I’ll help, but I’m more of an outside party help.
I’m pretty busy allot and pretty good at fixing than I am at creating.
I’ll just take up a slow and lazy spot, so count me out unless you get a dedicated team to keep it going even if their isn’t much to do.

If you need any help with behaviors and mechanics though, let me know.

Yeah, like you @“JR 01” , I am too also pretty busy, so I can’t help all the time. Some days I may not be able to work at all, especially since I’m too busy to start helping @“Caleb Strawberry 3” 's (and co.) amazing game, so that is another thing that may stop me from helping out unfortunately.

@rcreger @“JR 01” oh thats ok any of your guys help would be great :slight_smile:

Okay, but when you do, I will try to get time to do something.

@rcreger @“JR 01” i wont do the patreon thing :frowning: i mean who whould back it

Sorry to hear @lolpinkshep :anguished: