Please respond asap 1

I am trying to make it so that when i hit the robot the alarm plays a alarm sound and starts an animation could you please help me figure it out? i would also like an example, here is the link-Flowlab Game Creator - New Game

all you need to do for the alarm sound is place a collision in the player (or the robot) that is set to the other one, then hook that to an alarm sound effect.

when you say starts an animation, do you mean more of a cutscene, or a character / the robot plays an animation?

I want you to hit the robot, this will spawn a cop, play the alarm animation on the alarm and play the sound affects.

take a bit of time to learn how globals work - you can use them to basically broadcast numbers to the entire game. you can use these globals to make all alarms in the game play an animation!

thanks, could you give me an example to help me learn?