Please respond asap

In level 2 i am trying to make it so that when you hit the robot the alarm starts an animation and starts blaring, but it is not working, please respond asap. here is the link-Flowlab Game Creator - New Game

What on Earth…

It seems to be a bug with the collision behavior. I looked at the code and it wasn’t activating. This may be a bug with the game engine itself and not your code. Maybe you should report this…

ok, but is their anything i should try?

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also, how do i report it?

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I’ll keep trying to make this work, for now, you can report it here: Bug Reports - Flowlab Community
This is the first time I’ve seen collision crash.

ok thanks! i look forward to u replying. :slight_smile:

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It’s not a bug with the engine like @JUSTPLAINOP suggested.

It may appear like it’s colliding, but it’s not. You have Ray Casts to turn the robot around when it detected an object, all that is happening is it’s detecting the player, so the robot turns around right before he collides.


so, how can i fix this do you think you could give me n example? thanks


Ooh, I was looking in the alert object. Also, the audio is still crashing, even if the collision isn’t.

Using Collision might work.