Please restore this sprite!

@grazer can you please restore the sprite of the object called player rifle in my latest game “The Decimation of Mankind”?

If @grazer cannot because of the hurricane, do moderators such as @Mhx_Aîr have the authority to recover lost sprites and animations?

I don’t have access to grazer’s computers, flowlab’s code, or servers. I just have a few extra permissions for the forums.

yup that’s what I thought

maybe @Baron_Wasteland can give you the sprites again

maybe, but I’d still lose all of my animations that I made

and, I haven’t seen him in a long time

@grazer normally I wouldn’t tag you again, but this is really important to me and I need to make sure you saw this!

and I saw that you said you have internet again

Hey @Ramshacklegamestudios - so the good news is that I was able to restore the animation sheet from 09/16/2020. The bad news is that it seems like the sprite dimensions are really strange, and I’m not sure how they ended up that size. Do you recall what was going on when the animation got corrupted? I would love to understand how things managed to get into this state. I’ve attached the animation frames, so that you can re-upload the frames individually if you want.

I have no idea! maybe someone was messing with the animation frames ad didn’t tell me, but that’s the only thing I can think of @grazer

Thanks for recovering that! I’ll be able to re-upload those later :grin:

The sprite editor update would come in really handy right now lol

Yeah, I want to update the sprite editor too :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, it is coming. Anyway, I think I see what happened:

Your sprite dimensions used to be 3x3 grid cells (96x96 pixels). The sprite dimensions were changed to 3x2 grid cells (96x64 pixels) and this broke all the old 3x3 animations. If you want to change the sprite size back to 3x3 I can re-restore the sprite sheet and I think it will all just work again. If you want to keep the 3x2 sprite size, you’ll need to upload and adjust each frame to handle the new reduced size.

Ok I’ll change it to 3x3 real quick!

ok @grazer it should show up as 3x3 now :+1:

Alright, I re-restored it, so I think it should be good to go now? Let me know how it turns out.

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Thank you so much @grazer! You really don’t know how much this means to me. This was the only spite I couldn’t replace!

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

Hey there, uh, yeah. @Ramshacklegamestudios I don’t hang around in the forums much cause it’s 98% gamedev stuff and I’m not really much of a dev myself, more of an artist. If you want me to help out with something, I’d be happy to be of assistance. (same goes for all y’all, just ping me and I’ll probably notice) I probably won’t be able to make sprites for you guys, but if you need advice on the topic of the art, give me a shout.
Now, what is it you need help with? You want me to restore a sprite? What would that entail?

I “did” @Baron_Wasteland but grazer and I sorted it out :grin:

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