Plectrums of Death

I was working on the Monster Flyby game when this idea popped into my head.

A pixelated Flying V guitar flying through space collecting pixelated musical notes.

See what you think…

Interesting, but what do you think about making notes be different pitch, depending on where they are on the lanes. You could use extractors and filters, or more notes of various colors, each their own pitch note.

Thanks, I’m thinking along those lines as well!

I’ve got a problem with a message sending from the acoustic but you will be able to choose your guitar now.

Made a few updates, you can collect all the notes and get 170 points (might take a couple of goes I like to think.

Just arrow left and right to dodge and collect the notes.

Why does the acoustic fly away? It’s funny though. By the way, I see on your site you have a lot of music. Where do you get yours from?

No reason, I’ve fixed that now (just had gravity unchecked).