Pls go to my game

pls go to my game

Um, since you used a common link it only sends it to our game list. Cause when I clicked on it, it took me to my game lists since it has no specific user id behind the link.

See it would be
Since it says /profile/929212 after it. Although I don’t think your can post a link to your game lists since it just says the normal one like the one you used. If you want to send a link to a specific game, then click play on your game and when it loads in (able to play) then you just copy the link up above in your browser and paste it here. That way others aren’t trying to find your game and it would be much easier. I’m really bored so I decided to find it manually, but most people wouldn’t have time to search flowlab for your game so it would be much easier if you posted it at the source.

I hope this helps.

Also I wouldn’t recommend trying to advertise your game so early in development since I know your game is still being worked on. It’s okay to get the word out saying that there’s going to be a new future game, but I wouldn’t make multiple discussions and stuff about it, I was probably wait until the game is somewhat finished or in a beta state where the game isn’t quite done, but is able to be beaten. Then you can upload them to game reviews where other game devs can review your game and give feedback or advice for future coding. To be honest I don’t know anyone currently that is doing reviews. About a year ago there were a lot, but it dwindled down and I would open my reviews back, but I honestly don’t have enough time to invest into something like that, but I might bring it back up later on.
I hope you take this advice and use it to help with your game development.

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