Pls help with checkpoints

[SOLVED] ive tried like 10 examples and copied the exacted stuff but nothing works im putting on level 2 pls help this is my game Flowlab Game Creator - Run But You Cant Run So Run


When your character collides with the checkpoint get its X and Y position. Then when the character dies spawn a new one to that position. btw, welcome to flowlab

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In the examples, look in the player and in the checkpoint object.

i am doing this example Flowlab Game Creator - Checkpoint example and i copied everything and its still not working

That example is the basic version, I suggest the advance checkpoints but you need to see why your game isn’t working before trying that.

  1. Your player is restarting from Level 1.
    You need to restart the level your on instead of the entire game.


  1. The Checkpoint numbers in the player needs to be where the check point is.



  1. Set the Save to 0 when not on Level 2
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That checkpoint example is really inefficient, I’ll make something for you real quick. Also, like JR_01 said, try the advanced example it’s much better.

Put in the check point object

Put in the player object (If there are multiple levels reset the values when you reach the next level)

code alpaca it didnt work Flowlab Game Creator - Run But You Cant Run So Run

it didnt work Flowlab Game Creator - Run But You Cant Run So Run

First, the save behavior needs to have a tag. Second, what is the checkpoint object? The game is very unorganized so I can’t tell what is what.

its the red flag so can you send me what i need to put in the player in the flag and all the settings in the behaviors

Put the first image in the Flag, and the second in the Player. Make sure the globals have the correct values in them. The once needs to be replaced with whatever the player needs to activate it, and the position can be changed to spawn a new player if you want.

  1. You need to replace ALL behaviors of “Restart Game”
  2. You need to NAME the save behaviors
  3. There is no code in the Flag…
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look i did exactly what you said and it doesn’t work

ok…you still need to replace this.


And the correct code is still not in the flag.

Also make the flag not solid but enable collisions


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Hey @LMTP69, I’ve made a video here for you,
link: Vidyard Recording?
Please get back to me if I helped you.