Now i know someone is gonna say @BroBro2 this is literally a replica of the game made by (@Greggo Flowlab Game Creator - CUBED (Demo Version)) but it actually isn’t im implicating my own style of game play in there but i will admit i got a ton of inspiration from him!

With that out of the way I hope you enjoy my game this is just a beta demo i don’t know if ill make a full game yet and uh yea!


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its a good game but i would love the full version

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alright i will keep this in mind

cool thx but why cant i do some more thing like powerups

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wdym why cant you i haven’t implemented those into the game yet

oh sorry i like games even ones with powerups but this game is good too

i could add power ups in the full version

oh cool plz do i want to see

Way to go @BroBro2! This made my day! It’s cool to see you’ve made a game inspired by my own and I really hope you keep improving and expanding it. I especially liked the falling platform segments.

I hope you keep working on this, I’ll be keeping watch :wink:


@Greggo oh wow didn’t expect you to see this but that doesnt matter! im glad you did thank you!


ok well @Greggo @star4m and everyone else who voted but didn’t say anything i will be starting the production of the full game edition today!


but there is one problem i need indie for multiple levels so imma just get one of my teammates to make a game for me and add a bunch of levels like (10-20 total)

Hey @BroBro2 I can help you with better running and jumping

@The_Unity_Guild ok sounds good i will get you to be added to a team wait for a invite the reason the running and jumping mechanics are so simple is because i wanted it that way

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Also im making another demo for a game but im not saying what it is you will have to wait and see

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No thats not at all the reason I just made some really advanced running and jumping lately and I did not know if you wanted to try it out for your game.

@The_Unity_Guild or you could add me to a team either way

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I do not have Indie

sounds like it will be fun!

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ok i will get my teammate to add you

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