Pls play my game called "Sumo game with superpowers.

So most of you ppl with say this game is a knock-off of super smash bros BUT this is a skool project that is worth 1/3 of my grade. Pls report bugs here also. Also, comment stuff about the game here too. Also this game is under HEAVY deving sooooooooo ur game might shut down sometimes for updates?

Please provide a link so people can play your game :slight_smile:

Oh oof I forgot. PLz forgize. Anyway, my game is

You can also just search the game up on the flowlab game library just saying.

If we get 50 plays you people can choose the next update. AND I WILL ADD IT.
Hint: were only 4 plays away

Ok, guys, we did it. WE REACHED 50 PLAYS. Ok, vote what update you want. the most will be added. Pls note: Vote cannot include mature content.