Plymouth Entertainment - Sol [BIGGEST MILESTONE CROSSED!]

After a bit of brainstorming, it is official… There’s another Plymouth Entertainment game coming! The game is currently under the title, “Sol”, and will be a 2D story-shooter game in a murky steampunk-ish world. With all things considered: the animation, the storytelling, the dialogue, the gameplay… This will be the most ambitious Plymouth Entertainment game yet!* Stay tuned…

*We will be posting short teasers of the game up until it’s launch update, so if you want to find out more, just check out here.


Sounds pretty cool. With all of the stories you came up with for my character designs and concepts, I can tell this is gonna be a great game. Can’t wait!


Thank you! @ManiacPumpkin! It’s going to be something alright…


"There is a new tree planted each time you have a new dream.

Take care of each of them.

One might make you happier than you could ever believe."

– Sol

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Woah that soiunds nice, Ur concept sounds really interesting.Can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support @potatopants!

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Just some info for Sol - it will still feature the comic-book panel sort of cut scenes (I may animate a few) to make up the story and having a dialogue system at the bottom and top of the screen. Both of these features were going to be included in the scrapped Night Springs game before it was cut short.

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@rcreger the comic strip cut scenes sound pretty awesome, but sometimes pulling them off can be a bit tough, but probably won’t be a problem for you. Also when you said something about animated a few, I had an idea that when you enter a cutscene that it will show only one slide, but will present the next one in order and so on. But make each scene on the comic strip animated (like the Iphone when you take a picture of something, it animates about a second before the image was taken) for example like if there is a vehicle, you could have it animated for a second or two of it driving in slow motion or something, just to prove that it’s in motion instead of just a flat image, this could also work for many other things though.

I figured that you helped me with my game so much, I had to come up with some ideas that could possibly help you in your game. Although you don’t have to use this system since you probably already had something else planned or you might even have had this in mind already.

Just figured that I would help out the World Designer of my game.


sounds really cool! (I just now saw this post)

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Thanks for the suggestion @ManiacPumpkin! By comic panel, I mean more of still- picture, but with a comic art style, you know? Animations would be like water lapping, clouds moving, etc. But everything else is still static. I get what you’re saying though, and it gives me a few ideas for the panel animations and how they work. I’m for sure that I won’t show the panel outlines, as I still want things to feel more cinematic. But nonetheless, thank you for the suggestion! And also, you don’t have to help me out just because I’m helping with your game, but it’s still appreciated a lot! Just don’t feel you have too:)

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Thanks for the support @Ramshacklegamestudios!

Of course! It looks really cool!

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Darkness is the absence of light.

But there is never just absence… There’s always something under the sheets of black we call shadows.

You might not see it, but… It sees you.

Much is the same with life. We all see it from the inside our fleshy shells, never knowing how exactly we lived our own lives. The people looking around you, the bystanders, just might know you more than you know yourself… Complete strangers…

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"Time is a well,

And we are the bucket,

The world is a cell,

And our words are our musket."

– The Narrator

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After some analysis, my estimate for the release for “Sol” will be from late 2021 to mid 2022.

Updates will follow.

As something other than Sol, we’d like to announce that Plymouth Entertainment will be also working as the World Designer (as well as a few character creations) for @ManiacPumpkin 's highly anticipated game, “The Facility”.

For more information, you can find some more in the threads specific to The Facility game - and you can also throw in a character idea in for yourself! Just start typing, and you’ll have a shot!


Someone had asked to do a small interview with me on my Twitter DM. I’ll be posting the Q and A here:

Q. What were the inspirations for the upcoming Sol game?
A. I’m not really sure. I had just been coming out of the Night Springs, horror and thriller idea. I can say that it’s nothing like that. It will have a dark corridor or two, some flickering lights here and there, but mainly dirty, garbage filled back streets of a huge steampunk inspired city. I can say that it won’t be much like A-Box, as it will feature combat, still cutscenes, and custom dialogue boxes.

Q. How long will it take to finish this, in estimate?
A. I’ve estimated before it’ll be about late 2021, mid 2022 before it’s pretty close to being done. My schedule is packed of late, with a ton of school work, work in general, and a bunch of life stuff. It may take longer.

Q. Is this a game that will be “artsy”, or all about gameplay?
A. I’m aiming for both. The past two Plymouth games have been pretty stale on gameplay. A Boy in Armor was literally just clicking and walking. A-Box had some nice puzzle and platforming segments, though. But it needed more. We’re hoping to accomplish more here, this is our most ambitious title yet.

Q. What is the story about?
A. I can’t tell you. It’s not a straight forward story [I have finished writing it], and I want people to see it in their own ways, their own understanding on what it all means. You’ll see. I’ll say, though, it’ll be more structured out in dialogue than A-Box was.

Q. How long are you hoping to make the game?
A. This depends. It’s possible I could be getting and Indie account to enlarge the game by a large portion, and hence can add more replayability features. But base game, with no replayability and no Indie account - 30 minutes tops.

Q. Are you making all of the art yourself?
A. Yep. All of it. Every animation, sprites, etc. Will be done by me. I’ve got help here at Plymouth, that’s why I refer to myself as “we”, so I’m not leaving out anyone’s hard work. But they’re more in the tech side. I still program, but more base things. The stuff that needs to happen. I stick to the art, the writing, the game direction, art direction, the world, etc. All of the creative stuff I like.

Q. Are A-Box and Sol in the same universe?
A. Haven’t thought about it yet, but it’s possible.

Q. What’s your role in “The Facility”?
A. I’ve mentioned in the forums before about this as well, but I’m acting as World Designer. Seeing how this world works, how it flows, and how people will see it. It has to feel real. The current devs are doing very well with it already though, glad to be working with them.

Q. Is A Little Evil considered a Plymouth Entertainment game?
A. A Little Evil, my first game… No, it’s not. Even so, I’m not getting rid of it. It just shows how far I had gone since then. Since then, I got much praise for A Boy in Armor, and got A-Box featured. A Little Evil was the foundation of Plymouth, but isn’t part of it. Funny how the foundation was a Doctor Who game.

Q. What are your plans after Sol?
A. I don’t know. Sol is all I see on Flowlab right now. I’ll probably find something else to do after, but Sol is already taking a lot of time, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

He was testing on interviews with small game devs, and possibly putting one on his site. If this gets featured, I agreed to share the link:)

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Can’t wait for Game Theory to solve some more of this

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Lore*Finally the correct discussion

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Thanks bro! I don’t think the game would get THAT big though. One can wish:)