Plymouth Entertainment - SOL [GHOST GUNNER - OUT NOW!]

I have a little report. When I tried blue sky, I have never beaten it, it bugged a bunch.


Bumping this thread; Big Plymouth Entertainment-related news is about to drop soon. I just need some playtesters to complete their runs, and do one last pass-over of the game myself, and I’ll be dropping a massive announcement for it.

Contact me either via Discord or Flowlab’s DM system if you yourself want to playtest it, the more the merrier. I want to make sure I get this right


MASSIVE Blue Sky patch :cloud_with_rain:


Before I can say anything, I’d like to apologize for taking so long to “finish” Blue Sky. I’ve been busy in the time since release, and life has been weighing on me as of late. However, when I tried playing the game again 2 months ago now, I remembered the state it was in, and got the motivation I needed to finally patch Blue Sky and get it to where we wish it could’ve been on release. And let me tell you: This is a BIG patch!

Though the user experience isn’t too much different, much of the game has been overhauled internally, and there is much more to see. The most notable changes include:

  • Overhauled main menu layout
  • A bind for returning to the main menu at any time
  • Running in 60 FPS instead of 30, resulting in much more responsive inputs
  • More dialogue and cutscenes
  • Harder key stealing route
  • Overhauled Stille’s element (or “focus mode”) to use a strike system instead of a timer
  • Full keyboard & controller support!
  • Mobile support
  • Skipping dialogue as an end-game reward
  • Good optimization (though the game barely needed it)
  • And of course, MANY bug fixes.

And those are just the highlights! For the full list of changes, feel free to read the pastebin below.

Blue Sky is the first game that RC and I worked on collaboratively, which is probably part of why that we struggled with the two week deadline set by the Summer 2023 Flowjam. There were/are so many issues that just wouldn’t be present at all if we had more time. I won’t elaborate further here, but the point is that even despite Blue Sky’s flaws, I still wholeheartedly believe it to be a good game that deserved better, hence why I’ve put in so much work to get the game in a better state. And now, after months of tedious bug-fixing and optimization, both Plymouth Entertainment and I are proud to present Blue Sky (again)!

You can play the updated Blue Sky at the same link as before:


This is wonderful, thank you

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Hey is SOL still being worked on? I kinda forgot about it over the years since it slowly stopped getting talked about. I know the game switched to different game engines though


They switched it back to flowlab last i checked, last i saw of sol a dummy character was added to test combat

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Same bug.