Plz help me guys

How can I resume the level on my game

could you leave a link to your game?

You mean if it was paused? Just input behaviors to the resume input.
The question here is very vague and difficult to tell what you are asking for. Can you be a little more specific?

if it’s paused i think you would usually use an alert. when you pause the game have it go into “show”
and then connect “click” to “unpause” on the pause behavior. i believe there are button inputs now too but i haven’t used them before.

K thank you guys

Guys it don’t work


like JR 01 said could you please comment a link to your game so we can take a look?
nobody can help if we don’t know exactly what your problem is.


How can I put link to my game

Kk wait I will send the link

The link of my game is:

First of all, you are using the “over” output of the mouse click behavior, which activates whenever the mouse moves on top of the object. You should be using the “down” input, that way it will activate whenever the player clicks on the object.



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Know that the game’s internal, external and in-game timers break when you try to play the game in the editor. Try playing it from the game menu, that might work.

Hi guys if u have any idea about how to resume an level like does on picture tell me plz

Not sure what you mean. Your game pauses and resumes without any issues. That is unless you’re talking about pausing and resuming happening when you hover your mouse over an icon. As @Superstargames said, you have to connect “down” to the “go” “Next Level” behavior.
oof 2

I have many levels so should I do the same thing to other levels

Do the same thing to every object that has “over” connected to “go,” if that’s what you mean.