POLL: how do you best enjoy tutorials?

It probably won’t happen, but I’ve been thinking about making some quick tutorials for flowlab, like how to make a custom health bar, a custom cursor, small things like that. I’ve actually given three of these kinds of speeches in my school’s game design class.

I’m thinking about making video tutorials to share around the internet, but I also am thinking about just making readable documents, like my space shooters tutorial.

Anyway, my question for you is: do you prefer to learn with a tutorial you can read (and is put together in a clear, concise manner), or a tutorial you can watch? let me know, thanks!

How do you best learn?

  • Reading tutorials
  • Watching tutorials
  • Both

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I find that watching tutorials is awesome… but I really like reading documentation, too.

Documentation will go into detail, why tutorials are good for step by step processes to get one thing done.

I think reading documentation is important because it’s like expanding your vocabulary, it allows you to do more without guidance. Tutorials do this too, at a slower pace and an easier way.

It’s definitely harder to learn from documentation, but it’s definitely worth it for its own reasons. It’s definitely more for more technological people, people who are deeply passionate, and also people who just want to know ALL.

It’s easier to learn from video tutorials, but you cover less ground, though it’s easier to stay on track. It’s geared towards slower learners, paced learners, or organized learners.

In summary, I love both. I’ve found myself reading more documentation than videos for Godot, just because the doc is HUGE and has everything I’ll ever need. For learning Flowlab, I actually just popped up games on the front page and saw a bit of code and wondered “wonder what that behavior does” and tried learning it — after enough attempts, you figure it what works and what doesn’t. This is how I learned filters, globals, and messages before reading the Flowlab docs or visiting the forums.

Anyways, hope this information can be found useful. Have a great rest of your day.

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