Pop up menu?

I’m working on something where if you press a key a pop up menu will show up to the player but I am having trouble making it work. I know how to use the UI interface but I can’t make a pop up menu. I tried a few things. First I tried changing the opacity to 0 when you closed the menu, but you could still use the menu. Next I tried making it so that when you move the menu moves with you. (I took the menu off the UI layer because there were no spawn blocks on that layer.) The problem was that it was buggy having two things move together. The final thing I tried was having the UI thing compare it’s own x and y to the player and then always being around the player using a position block but it was very buggy. PLEASE HELP :frowning:

I would create the pop up menu off screen on the UI layer and use coordinates to on screen to use it and coordinates to go off screen when not in use. Could you post a link?

Fixed it nvm