Porkys nightmare ultimate fan night submissions

btw, how do you switch wetween cameras?

You wouldn’t really need to switch cameras, Just use the fnaf mask technique and make the screen go dark, but a UI object shows up displaying that you’re under the desk, even though you still starring into your office. But the code will register that you’re under the desk.

animaltronic: Rave

type of animal: wolf animaltronic

gender: female

backstory: rave had been one of the most beloved animatronics of them all, but they decided to put her away in the storage, rave was very angry…so she will get her revenge…

death messages: you cant escape fate, ill always get what i deserve, your mistake not mines, your nightmares are nothing compared to me, revenge is sweet.

actions: rave will try to cover up your camera so you cant see the other animaltronics actions. in order to get rid of her you have to close out the camera for a short time, risking other animaltronics making their way to your office.

(raves picture cant be added yet.)

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I misread your post sorry

I actually was planning on adding hiding under the desk later on. Gives me more reason to do it

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