Porkys nightmare update log (insert funny haha joke here)

this is mainly just because of the new datatypes and not wanting to recode the game, along with me not being happy with its current state so ill be changing lots of things to make it much more simpler
hope you understand


Iā€™m so excited to play it the sprites from thy old post looks good keep up thy great work!

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I recommend that you add some sort of increasing activity as the night goes on.

This is perfect for you lol!

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aight so it turns out I dont need to restart from scratch so thats good
on top of that I added porkys jumpscare and im working on revamping B-O-R-I-S
im thinking of making it drain power, other than that I just need to have a heater and cooler system , add two more rooms then I just have to finish the story mode

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