Portal Gun Time!

Yup It Does. (just very finicky)

It is a platformer game

There you go then. I made a platform version.

I have one, too. You can add my movement to it so that the portals are not random. Flowlab Game Creator - Portal testing

What do you mean random?

Is there a way to choose where you put the portal?

Yeah its a portal gun. Aim with the cursor.

oh ok i havent tried that.

Ive found an issue with yours tho, it has a random chance to teleport you to the shots position. otherwise its fine

Yeah i can fix that tonight. And have it so the player doesn’t spin.

the spinning is fine, its shooting from an attached weapon thats aimed towards the cursor


Fixed It! Tell me if you need anything else. And since you already have a weapon, just copy the Portal behavior from the player

Awesome, Ill get to importing and messing around with it when i get home

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Send me a link when your done. I’d love to check it out!

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Ok so i just finished the sprites, ill send a link later today :slight_smile:

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Ok so big issue, I have wires that act like redstone right? but since they have to have some sort of collision the portals can be placed on them… how would i be able to make them go through the wires

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You’ll have to specify everything the portal can be on. (In the portal shot code)

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