Portal Gun Time!

Ok back again, I need help creating a PORTAL GUN!

Lets jump straight into it aye?
Ways of executing it:
1: Having a super awesome portal system that detects and places itself perfectly on the wall,
id imagine wed have to use allotta raycasts and rotation to get it to stick to a wall perfectly
2: half assed it with attachers and attaching a universal crappy portal lookin thing to wall and teleport between them
(Id pefer 1 of course)
Ive tried to execute it many times and have failed alot, sadly i deleted the “progress” (aka it was garbage) and now ive come lookin for help and plus who doesnt wanna make a classic portal gun

ALSO NOTE im working with an object limit so 4 or below is all i can do


Emit an object, figure out what side of the wall it hits. Spawn an object to that location and make sure the angle is correct

Well obviously but the entire thing is how do i find and correct the angle and make the portals work

Have 4 different collision blocks set to left, right, up, down. For the portal get it’s X and Y position, then when the player collides with the other portal teleport it to those cords (Will need to be off set so the player does not spawn into the wall).

I’m not doing a great job of explaining this rn because I’m busy and typing fast


Ya i understand (sorry for responding a day later lol, bad internet)

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Ah yes thanks for pointing out my grammer error, its assed

and im not gonna censor it over one vulgar word or a term of not completing it fully but yaknow we kinda gotta be mature here (Sorry if this sounds rude)

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its a joke because you were talking about grammar but… grammar*

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In my opinion it would be kind of immature to use any sort of vulgar words on here. It’s not that people are childish to say them, its just respect since a lot of younger users are on and they shouldn’t be exposed to anything like that. Now I understand if you were on the flowlab discord since more older users go on there, but since the forums is kind of directly linked to the website, it gets a lot more views, by students, and even teachers. But of course many people will say different, but that’s what I think.


I am going to try to work on making a portal gun. When i am done, you can just copy the codes if i finish first or at all.

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open this and hover your mouse over the character i don’t know if this is what you wanted. Flowlab Game Creator - New Game

Flowlab Game Creator - New Game this

Aight ill take a look

I understand what you mean, But still its not the end of the world or nothing and its not like im using it in a bad way, im just saying the term of phrase.

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That’s alright. I know you didn’t post it trying to insult someone, just merely phrasing it, but I do ask if you could maybe refrain from using vulgar words or maybe just censor it so its up to the readers to look at it and not publicly shown.

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@John_Shrekinson posted a meme that contains my response

I was able to make the portals now though, all jokes aside. You can spawn them and go through them. I should probably turn collisions off on number 2 and number one i cant make it stay still or else you cant teleport.

Hey @Lordkhalton is this game top down or a platformer? I’ll also make a basic prototype for what you need.


Boom. 4 objects not including the walls and player. (tell me if you want anything adjusted and it should work in a platformer too. (I think))