Position output.

I’m new to game design and development, so this took me a while to figure out a solution for. When using a position tile, even if set to “use grid,” the output (at least for y, i didnt test x) will be in pixels. I solved the problem by adding an expression (A/32) immediately after the tile, but I feel like this would be an easy fix and should be changed just to avoid future confusion.

Hey jwmcnabb,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been looking over that position block, and you’re correct that it always outputs the engine’s internal position value, which is in pixels. I can see how this could be confusing, so I’ll look at changing that - I mostly just need to verify that the change doesn’t beak any games that currently expect the pixel value there.

Hey @grazer, It would absolutely destroy half of my games. Maybe instead you can have a checkbox for what you want. Pixels by default.

Hey jngthree - I won’t do anything that will break your existing games :slight_smile:

If I add it, it would have to be backwards compatible - possibly with a checkbox or something like you said.

jwmcnabb - Another workaround you could use could be to just pipe the input value of your position directly into whatever other block is expecting that grid value as well. Not sure if that’s clear, but it would eliminate the need for expressions there