Poster placing minigame

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums :slight_smile: I was looking to get some help with a “minigame” that I was developing while doing an overhaul of the first game I started on this site.

The idea is that, if the player is carrying the poster and approaches the board, they can “place” posters all over the board however they like. (eventually I plan on adding another clause so it can only happen if a certain task was completed but for now just trying to get the concepts down)

Basically, you click to pick up the poster, then hit space to “zoom in” on the board. When the board is pulled up, you can click to “stick posters up”, but what’s really happening is that the posters are being spawned in.

The issue I’ve run into after some trial-and-error is that when the board is “zoomed in” (essentially blown up really big and attached to the middle of the screen) the posters won’t spawn in, despite the code working seamlessly as far as I can tell.

When I’m not “zoomed in” on the board and it has returned to its regular position, it DOES allow me to spawn the posters in, which is the opposite of my desired effect :sob:

Does this have something to do with the resizing/ changing display order, or is there an error in my code? Game is below, you spawn in next to the board! All the code is contained between the board and the poster item. Thank you in advance for any help!

click to pick up poster, space to zoom into board, click to place posters, esc to minimize board.


oh my god. please disregard this i figured it out :man_facepalming:

EDIT: OK just kidding i did not I’m still having issue with the posters “shrinking” with the board- any help appreciated!

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Maybe you could spawn the posters on the board and zoom in with the camera behavior?

this is likely going to be what I end up doing- much too complicated to physically move and change the size of the posters/board :sweat: thank you for the suggestion!!

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You’re welcome! glad I successfully suggested :slightly_smiling_face: