Potential solution for faster load times

@grazer large games have slower load times, some games taking very long to load in the past versions of flowlab. Recently it’s been much faster, but if I were to make a Metroid game, the load between doors would be way too slow. This could be a solution to that.

Proximity based backloading zones.

Make a behavior with a proximity. In this example I will use a door. Being in the proximity bubble will load the next area in the background, but the next level won’t load until I go through the door. Walking out of the proximity will cancel the load. If you enter the door before the next level is fully loaded, the game will have a loading screen level play.

For free users, it would just use the flowlab splash screen. For paid users, it will have an option of black screen, animation, or level, where choosing the level opens a simple minigame or whatever level. This should always be loaded in the background, since it should be your smallest level. I would use the loading screen to display a map of where you currently are in the world with an animation, or like Skyrim and display information about the game. You could have the loading screen pause the game and any button loads the next area. The animation or blank screen options are the best for quick loading metroid and RPG areas.

Having the next level loaded or partially loaded in the background with proximity would definitely shorten load times between levels and areas, and wouldn’t cause much lag, because it cancels outside of the proximity. This would make a great premium feature.

Yep, loading screen animations would be nice.

Splash screens would be nice too.

Both of those can be done with a level. The point of this is to cut out the loading times between levels. The only reason I mentioned loading screens was if levels are actually so massive that it takes long to load. Almost all flowlab games load levels in under 5 seconds, so it would be useless to you guys. I was going to make a huge Metroid sized planet in my game. I haven’t tested what the maximum level size is yet, but back when I made Diamondsion Assault in 2013, there was a 10 minute load time for the beginning of the game, and up to 2 minutes between levels. That has now been cut to 20 seconds or less, but I’d rather not even wait 20 seconds between levels. I was thinking of rebuilding all the levels from Diamondsion Assault into one massive open world level, and seeing how long it takes to load.