Power-Ups and Bounce Pads?

How would I manage to create power ups and bounce pads? I have looked through the tutorial to no avail.
I have made a couple of attempts but so far have been unsuccessful. For example, my attempt at a bounce pad in which stepping on one would propel the player upwards has behaviours like this:
In the Player’s behaviour, I have said that a collision with the bounce pad links to a number value (currently 4) which then links to an impulse set to ‘y’. Am I close to a solution or am I as far away as I can possibly get?

Ignore my username as well. I went on this website without expecting it to be as useful as it is and thus typed in a random username that I thought I would never type in again haha.

Hey there, I’m glad you are finding it useful after all :slight_smile:

Your description of what you did so far sounds pretty much exactly what I would have recommended. Paste a link to the game in question and I will take a look to see what’s going on.

Well there’s 2 ways to do it, sonic spring, and trampoline.
Sonic spring would be player collision to object number impulse like you have.
Trampoline would be to set the objects bounce higher. Depending how high you fall to it determines how high you bounce back up.