Power ups and temporarily disabling collisions

so in my game my character picks up a power up that will allow them to walk on terrain that without the power up will kill them. how do i do this ??/

instead of diabling collisions, just make a switch between the collision and the death.

I would use a global behavior to know if the powerup is on, then use a disable behavior to toggle the collision of the blocks. When the powerup is off, have the disable be true.

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I misread, I thought they were wanting to walk through the objects with the powerup on.
Yeah, just have a switch to toggle the collision for that object when the powerup is on.

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i think this is what i wanted to do because it still isn’t working could your run me through how a global behaviour would work

Globals work like a message and save put together.
If you set a value to a global, any global in the level with the same name will activate with that number.
This value in the global can be stored between levels but resets when you reload the game page.

Could you send a link to your game?

could you show the death bundle? you may have not coded it properly

It looks to be working properly, what exactly are you wanting it to do?
Also looking at the code, you’re using the miss output so it only removes the player when the proximity doesn’t see the wither.