Power ups are going off when not supposed to

@“JR 01” when you touch a bomb sometimes a different power up will go off.

It looks like it’s more of an animation problem. The filters aren’t quite right,
with 4 power-ups with the random of 1-12, the filters should be:

1: Less than 4 (1-3)
2: Greater than 3 -> Less than 7 (4-6)
3: Greater than 6 -> Less than 10 (7-9)
4: Greater than 9 (10-12)

Also the animation for the laser isn’t looping.

The explosion is only working once, this is because the extractor isn’t sending the players Y.
If you can’t get the extractor (in explosion) to get the player’s Y, then extract it in the player and message it explosion and set a number.

@“JR 01” thanks also how do I get the lazer working (its an object not an animation) I think its because when it attaches the lazer to the player the collsion or proximity won’t work.
Do you know a way around this?

Edit: nevermind the power ups are still doing different ones when there not supposed to.
(I did what you told me to do)

One filter is still greater than or equal to 6; instead of just greater than 6
and laser animation needs to loop

It seems collision of an attached object turns into the players collision…
you might not be able to use the attacher for the laser and instead use players x and y to the laser

@“JR 01” just changed it to greater than 6 and it still won’t work I ran into the bomb and it activated the lazer!

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Its the laser animation

@“Johnny boy”

@“JR 01” just refreshed it, it still won’t work

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@“JR 01” I did

Did you loop the animation?

Oh I forgot I’m stupid Thanks

@“JR 01” got any ideas for the lazer to work?

You may need to make it a separate object like the explosion.

@“JR 01” I figured it out, you can look at what I did if your curious. Thanks