Pride chat and games? annnnnd memes >: )

people got upset for posting LGBTQ stuff in otc so i made a different thread :slight_smile:

some rules:

  1. don’t come here if you just plan to fight.

  2. stay on topic


any others i will add if i see issues (I’m bad at writing)

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calling in @MyLife_Isabella1123

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Why make this thread on a Game Maker Forum?

1: What does it have to do with Flowlab.

2: In what way does it help with Flowlab.


good point :expressionless: imma edit this

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give me a min i did this in a pretty rushed way so imma just fix this to make it more related thanks for pointing that out @JUSTPLAINOP

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Same reason anyone talks about anime, transformers or power rangers, it’s in the general lounge.
Just please keep it respectful (drop/ignore arguments) and don’t spam randomness.


I guess that’s what the Community Lounge is for…

I still don’t get why the users wouldn’t just use Discord or something. This is a Game making Forum after all.

i dont have discord :expressionless: nor would my parents let me if they knew what I wanted it for…family situation isn’t the best

It’s all the same really, everyone has a preference. It’s just everywhere has different sets of rules, like we don’t allow arguing, name-calling and nsfw. It just comes down to being “social” on a “media” with everyone. Just like other forums, discord, youtube, tiktok, twitter, reddit, etc.


imma add a rule list up top just keep this thing organized

Are you sure you should be using the Forums if you’re restricted to Discord?

i dont think you understand what i meant…but no matter I’m allowed Flowlab but not discord…i told them Flowlab is a perfect gay-free Christian happy land so that I could have a little breathing room…anyway please drop this I don’t want a big fight and get the thread closed.

thank you

Yes, I will drop this useless fight.

Sorry for disrupting your topic,


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Its ok, :slight_smile: if you ever come back here just keep the rules in mind

they have arrived XD

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meme lol

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also time to cast summon

@Lucid_Dreamer21 @MyLife_Isabella1123


this thread is kinda lonley lol…no matter

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I have been summoned


lol yes

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