Pro Gabrielfo: Alpha Male (Taile Gamougg spinoff demo)

This is the official demo for the sequel to the innovative Taile Gamougg: Noob!

This game relies heavily on movement and attack combos. Combine your weapons and abilities to do awesome tricks!
This is also a Gamougg Industries project.

  • Add your own custom skins (like The Glowing Fella)
  • Hidden easter eggs
  • Wavy logo on the main menu
  • Many different movement and attack combos
  • Returning features and weapons from Taile Gamougg: Noob
  • 3+ Skin Packs already built into the game
  • RARE - a John Shrekinson game with no guns! Less than 10% of my games lack gun combat.
    And well yeah, that’s pretty much it for this demo.

Check the Solution to this topic for the latest updates.



This game contains many firsts for me:
  • First time I used Galactian’s dash effect example
  • First time anime girls are part of the gameplay to some extent and not just a secret costume (like in the cancelled version of Taile Gamougg 4)
  • First using the “Wasted” font (not including font testing)
  • First time using grazer’s smooth camera example for both X & Y (I first used it in Taile Gamougg: Mouse Slayer, but only for the X coordinates because Y wasn’t working for some reason)

Welcome to the Fart Zone!

Actually, I mean Chocolate Caves never mind.

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The biggest change was arguably the one to replace the Sickle from the first game with a sword in the new one. I guess I’ve just been making a lot of controversial changes to Taile Gamougg lately.

  • Added a UI filter for a chocolatey atmospheric effect
  • Fixed the health bar display
  • Added animated torches to the background
  • Added Forge
  • Animated fire
    I am currently in the process of drawing anime spider girls for the game.
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