Problem w/ levels

For some reason it adds new levels, even when you dont click the add level button, and even worse… The order gets all messed up because now theres 4 levels with the number 7

This withstood the most damage this bug caused

That’s a really weird bug. Grazer said he was doing something with the site the other day, but I haven’t added any new levels lately.


This bug has been around since early beta. And ive had enough of it

Any idea what triggered that? Were you doing something specific when this happened? If you can provide any more info that would definitely help me track down the bug.

Do you want me to delete those extra levels? If so, just let me know specifically which ones you want me to remove. You can change the order so that they aren’t all at order 7.

Thanks for reporting it.

@grazer, can you remove pretty much everything i didnt edit (all the new levels)…also this caused some ordering thing too so can you change out the order of levels with matching numbers so i can fix it back to where i had it?

Honestly i have no idea. But it happened after i made a bunch a new levels. It also happened in TE2

Your levels should be sorted out, please let me know if this happens again, or if you think of any other relevant details.


Hi, can you delete some of my levels too on Awakening (BETA) please…
level numbers and name:

Level 7 - Delete 1
Level 8 - Delete 2
Level 9 - Delete 3
Level 10 - Delete 4
Level 11 - Delete 5