Problem with checkpoints

Hi, I copied this code from someone elses world but for some reason on mine it wont work. Can somebody help? Its on level 6


The game I copied from:

I’m on mobile at the moment, but did you make sure to check that the objects you used are linked properly, since the objects from the example have different names, so raw copying the code won’t work.

Another issue would be to make sure each object has the same properties as the example so the checkpoints for instance would be non-solid but Enabled collisions.

I filled the codes in mannualy, there arent many links to objects in which the property is different. The checkpoint is the same as his. Ive looked at it for over half an hour but still cant figure out the problem.

I think it’s because you only have one checkpoint in the level. You need more than one for it to work properly with the example that you’re using.
I placed a second one down and it seemed to be working correctly, but since I’m not the owner of the game, when I died and restarted the level it got removed, so try adding a second checkpoint and see if that works.

Thanks buddy, I’ll check it later today lads

Ive put more then one now and it still doesnt seem to work. It gives the sound and the animation but i dont respawn on the checkpoint. I cant find the cause because I dont know code that well.

The checkpoint example you used is for moving the player on death instead of restarting the level.
Your game restarts the level on death, I have another checkpoint example for that.