Problem with emitting

So in my graveyard game I made a skeleton which drops a bomb near the player. If a skeleton comes from the left he drops the bomb correctly (above him), but from the right side he drops it next to him. Is this a problem with the flip behavior?

Here’s an example:

@grazer You have to place the bomb skeletons yourself because I don’t want to change the game for other people

happens the same in awakening with the player’ arrows

This bug annoys me a lot please fix it asap :frowning:


Thats on purpose, to keep the emitted object from colliding.

Use a proximity and position

You don’t even understand what the bug is wtf, read carefully before you say something. I don’t want suggestions how to do it in another way, because I can easily do that myself. I want the bug to get fixed so nobody else can encounter it.

If I have to be more specific: the bomb skeleton’s forward property is set to ‘up’ so everything should be emitted above the object (works perfectly). But when the object is flipped the forward property will always be ‘right’. So the bomb will be emitted next to the skeleton instead of above him.

Hmmm, use rotation instead of flip?


Don’t say animations

Use positions like earlier stated, but use an expression to offset it above.

@CrimsonBlackGames he said he know how to do it. We just want the bug fixed because it’s a bug. We know how to avoid the bug but gives a lot more uncessary work.

Even @“Mhx Ar” talked about this bug. He said the emmitor behaviour haves a lot of bugs

Yeah if your body is flipped horizontally, emit may flip vertically. Match rotation check doesn’t apply to flip. I got this problem all the time when making afterimages for running and teleporting. The character would be running upsidedown. I set it so the object has once 1 forward velocity, and to extract x velocity, and if it’s going negative on the x axis, it sets the flip vertically back. It’s a pain to do, but maybe @grazer can just fix it so it doesn’t emit vertically flipped.

Yeah, this sounds like something I need to fix. Is this one in the November bug list already?

Wow finally, thanks PixelPizza for explaining to CBG what I actually want. And thanks Grazer for replying. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

Sorry, been a little stressed recently. Its been interfering with my thought process a little.

Anyway, I see the problem, it should be fixed

I’ll add it to the list.