Problem with Mouseclick?

I’m editing a private game called [REDACTED]. I have a simple menu as the first level.

My simple coding for the menu:


For some reason the outputs on the Mouseclick behavior don’t work at all. The coding worked before. I had no idea what went wrong so I Re-Did the sprite and all of its animations and it still doesn’t work. The ‘Down’ output doesn’t trigger ANYTHING and the over & out outputs don’t trigger the animation either. Before you post, “Do you have 'Loop Animation activated?”, I do. I kept my coding from when it worked and now it doesn’t.

I think maybe the new update has something to do with this. I tried re-loading the page and even logging out and back in. It just doesn’t work.

The menu on my other game works just fine with the same coding. If anyone knows why the system doesn’t like my private game, please help. I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with this singular game. Is anyone else having this problem?

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How many mouseclick behaviours do you have in one object


U can only have one or things might get a lil weird


That should’ve been fixed in the last update, make sure you use new mouseclick behaviors as behaviors are usually versioned in each update.

If you can, could you dm me the link to your game?


Is it possible that you have overlapping objects that were working before by random chance due to their loading order? Previously, clickable objects were not supposed to overlap, but they sometimes worked OK if the loading order was favorable.

The last update update added explicit ordering for mouse clicks so that clickable objects can safely overlap. They are now processed in this order:

  1. Interface (alert, achievements, login, etc)
  2. Interface layer objects, in render order
  3. Game layer objects in render order
  4. Background layer objects, in render order
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This used to be the case, but as @JR01 said - it was fixed in the last release, so you can have as many MouseClick triggers as you like in an object now


Ah okay, good too know :ok_hand:

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Sorry, I will not show my game. It’s a secret.

I switched the behavior out.

I don’t even have any overlapping. One mouse click, one glitch, and one stressed developer.

If we can’t see your game, then there isn’t much we can do to help, sorry!

I think the mouse clicking is working well, so it’s most likely a bug in your game logic somehow.

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I sent the link to @JR01 and I will add you to the private message group.