Problem with slopes

im trying to add slops to my SMB1 engine, in the polygon collision shape, but i cant get them to work right!Screenshot 2021-08-01 2.24.11 PM


I tried adding slopes on my game as well and I still haven’t exactly found a proper solution for them to work right as well.
I might bookmark this discussion cause I need help on these too, lol.


Try having a small amount of velocity be added to the player whenever it runs into one, so the player has an unnoticeable amount of levitation. Alternatively, instead of velocity, maybe move up a few pixels every collision.


I used a similar concept, but then you want it to disable when you aren’t moving, just in case you stop halfway up the slope and you don’t continually go up. Which I actually got an entire system for mine working, but the character moves really slow up the stairs than that if he was walking, then when you stop on the stairs he starts moving one pixel at a time down it.
Which idk if Mariofan2840 is experiencing problems similar to what I’m facing. And I feel bad that I kinda took this over, lol. Which I’m sure any bit of information could help in the long run.

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So have the collision activate the position block directly.

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I did that exact thing in my other game with penguins:

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Back before when polygons were added I had actually came up with a working system. An intangible object that spawns a solid object under it which is then rotated. Lemme find it

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Found it Flowlab Game Creator - Slipup

Edit: codes a bit wonky because of it predating some important changes to the engine. Might fix if necessary

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It’s even multiplayer

Sorry I’m on mobile rn so all I can do is join-

Or you could add mobile controls :wink:

a quick little mouse click with a switch, a filter, an always, and a message.

You could put them into 2 interface objects, left and right side of the screen. Then mobile users can just click left or right side of the screen.

Sorry my mind likes to rant about it’s thoughts.

this was essentially a proof-of-concept answer to Mhx Air wanting slopes in his game. Ended up being much more than he ever could have wanted lol

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This was when I was much more active on the forums and open to helping others out. Honestly havent been on enough to be known for that anymore. S T A R B L A S T

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I definitely wasn’t on the forums when you were very active- so I know you for Starblast and Focus.