Problem with testing achievements

The achievement is claimed on your account even when within the editor, meaning that you can’t really test it.

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wtf does this mean? the owner of the game doesn’t have the achievements i literally got the one’s in super ballers myself they work

Well for me after testing an achievement once, it doesn’t show up anymore

do you not know what an achievement is?

This is by design, but I’ve been discussing ways to make it simpler to test. I may end up just always showing achievements in your own games (although that might also be confusing), or maybe adding a reset button.

In the mean time, you can always test using an incognito mode where you aren’t logged in.

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qestion: what do you have to log in with to get achievments and why cant they just be shown on your profile? also i forgor my password so maybe a forgot password button please?

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i do know what they are, they are rewards permanently saved to your account. i’m just saying that it’s a little annoying that even within the editor achievements are claimed

Someone mentioned it on the discord, but I really liked the idea that you cannot collect your own achievements from your games, but you can still get others.

This is especially helpful for testing purposes, but other users can still be only collected once.

Also does guest accounts get the pop for collecting an achievement and not save? If it does, this could be another possible way to test out achievements is to log out then try.

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I don’t understand what you are saying. How can an achievement be added to your profile if you are not logged in? The system has to know who you are before it can give you one.

You mean like this one?

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Yes. You can test without being logged in - I suggest using icognito mode for this: Problem with testing achievements - #5 by grazer


im blind srry grazer the almighty… also qestion:what do you want your upgrade to do in my game?

I think a way to reset achievements would also be a good idea - not that it takes the achievements off the account, but resets them in the game.

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