Problem with "User Info" Block

I have little experience with the purple dots instead on white for input/output features, so maybe this is intentional and I just don’t know the fix. Nevertheless, I was creating a multiplayer nametag system with the User Info block and I accidently connected the “name” output to the “value” input on a Label block, and forgot to connect it to a Shared block. The “name” output of User Info became purple, and I could no longer connect it to the white-dot input “send” meaning I could not use the nametag system I wanted in ANY of my games. The purple-dot User Info output was the same throughout each game.
Keep in mind that I am new-ish to flowlab and I could simply be unaware of a fix, and that this may not be a bug.

the name output is always purple. the colour of the ‘dot’ is the type of data. white is numbers, purple is text, and green is lists.

you cannot connect text data into a white input. only white goes into white. same with text.


And 2 more things that can also be giving you issues as well.

  1. The shared block isnt completely working at the moment. So it may be working unexpectedly.
  2. Labeles are owned by object type instead of each individual object. So one player object will be controlling the same label as the other player object.