Problems I have

I do not know how to combine leve;s.

You cannot combine levels. You would have to replicate the levels by hand within another level. Currently, there is no function to copy, merge, or split levels.

Thank you. how do you replicate levels?

As I had stated, you would have to do it by hand. Replicating levels instantly is currently not possible.

Ok then how do you make the levels change after you beat level one?

There is a behavior called “Next Level” that takes the player to another level. You can use that to have a player change levels after beating one.


thanks alot . This was very helpful

How do you get an npc to talk in the games
well not actually talk but how do I get lines (like in a pokemon game)

The simplest way would be to use Alerts, then have game logic run every time the player clicked on the button. The more complicated way would be to have a UI object contain and reveal text that changes whenever players click or press a button.

thank you it was very nice of you to help me

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how do you make a spot take you to the next level?

You mean like a doorway that you enter in order to go to the next level?

If so, just make another object that does this, then have that object trigger the Next Level behavior after a collision with the player.

wow I did not know how to do that thinks

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It worked thank you and thank you for liking my comment.


How do I get the alet to pop up?

Never mind I figured it out I can do collision.