Problems on creating leveling system

Hello, im trying to creat a leveling system for the Player.
For now Ive connected the get killed Enemy with getting points to the Player, but I dont Understand the Expression Event, if someone could explain me the “Expression” for a really dumb Person ? :smiley: better a pic how to do, cause I allready read about expression in other Discussions and in Behaviors Handbook, but still dont get it.

What i want to try ? : When getting the Enemypoints -> take amount X away, for filling Level 1 with Amount of X, when Level 1 full of Amount get the remainder on next level till next level is full, and so on with next levels, when amount of level 1 is reached -> level 1 lvl up
for now it Looks like this

Thanks all for helping me.

. . . ?
I’m assuming you want to accumulate points whenever you kill an enemy, and when you have enough you can move on to the next level.

(Mailbox-sent from enemy prior to death, either make a death animation or use a timer to delay the use of destroyer) - (+Number) - (in filter, equal to or greater than [x]) - (next level)

If that’s not what you were looking for, try to make your explanation more organized and understandable next time.

The Problem is, when the points get accumulate, its going to rais more than the filter allows, the following Problem is it doesnt fill up completly. As example max. amount 100, it takes the last fitted in Points, (100 max + Kill =67 + Kill =67 --> the Final amount of number will be 67 not 100, according Filter block to reach max. 100. So im asking you again for a solution to get a remainder. As I Told I dont get it with “Expression”. I hope its understandable now. When its not, just explain me the Expression Event exactly pls.

Hey @rasez - I don;t completely understand your question, but to get the remainder using an expression, use a modulus (%) operator.

For example: 10 % 7 = 3

Maybe check out the Expression section in the behaviors guide: ?