Procedural generation

I’m trying to create a procedural generation game were the screen can move I already have code but it keeps on creating more blocks when I look at a block again anyway I can fix this?

hey, can you send the link and explain in more detail how the code works? It would help the community solve the issue a lot better :slight_smile:

I only need to fix the switch.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 7.18.07 AM

could you send a link to the game? I think it would help a lot.

Also, if you want something to only activate exactly once, you can make a one-way switch that’s a switch where the “off” is connected to the “out”. That way, the switch outputs exactly one signal, and then locks itself. you could use this in your switch mechanism.

flowlab game and thanks for helping me with this and it worked but I needed to add a timer to make it work. but besides that it works really well.