Project Demigod

Every two bosses I will make a new video showing the changes I made in the entire game.
Next Bosses: Nightmare Horse; Sun Titan

(The Game Pre-History has not yet been well established …)

Ideas and criticisms are appreciated :slight_smile:

I await your opinions

This looks cool!!!

:slight_smile: thxs Nathanael

Wow PixelPizza, those animations are crazy good! What sprite editor did you use to make them?

Thxs so much grazer :smiley:
I’m currently using “Piskel” and “Spriter”

Awesome sprites, have you started to construct this game in flowlab yet?

Thxs Muddyapples.
Yes I have already started making the game (this video is a recording of what I did so far in the game). But still not playable.

If you have ideas for new bosses I will receive them with all thankfulness

Wow O_o


Leonknighte here, I do have a critism…
MAKE THIS PLAYABLE ASAP. This looks absolutely awesome. I hoping you have a story for it as well as some epic super moves for your character to kick titan butt!

I’m working on it for days, I try to do as fast as possible :smile:
Thank you for your support. Yes I’ll make an epic story and the hero will be able to use epic movements :smiley:

today I will post another update await

or not, I’m having too much work sorry :confused:

Hey, maybe a stamina bar to limit the players actions so they dont spam press

Honestly you should set up a kickstarter campaign for this, get some funding, and get it going

That way you could work more efficiently, and possibly hire others to help you

FINALLY BACK TO HOME … now i will work really HARD on this game

I will publish on kickstarter when advance further in the project and will have sure I will not give up

Is it on the “games” section, even if it’s not playable? I’d love to try it myself :smiley: