Project Light - Open World Adventure Game

Hello. I already advertised Project Light a couple months ago, asking for general opinions and thoughts on it. And after almost a year of work, I’m finally ready to say IT IS DONE. If you’d like to know some stuff about the game as well as what I added to it - keep reading, if not; just click the link below.

Project Light basically puts you in the shoes of a main character who is tasked with eliminating darkness from his world. The maps in this game are huge, colorful, and filled with secrets. The main character actually has no attack powers, the only way to fight enemies, eliminate darkness, and get to the next level is by pushing a pedestal of light. But if you choose not to use the pedestal, you are free to roam the map on your own; collecting coins, finding treasure, pushing rocks on top of buttons, etc. It’s up to YOU how you decide to play. The game is difficult, but as you progress you begin to learn how to properly manage a level and collect the most loot.

You can also unlock over 40 skins by collecting coins and gems! There are even potions which will rarely spawn and give you special abilities! (You’ll find a lot of things in this game will rarely spawn or change. Such as flowers and coin types.)
Special Note - You can only have ONE costume per life. When you die or exit an area you will lose your costume. For best results in putting on your costume, face Joseph FORWARD and press “C”. If it does not work, just continue to press the button, it will eventually be put on.

Since my last post, I’ve added villages which are colorful small maps filled with houses and villagers who will task you with side quests such as finding their belongings hidden across the map for rewards. I’ve also added a plethora of extra levels, some easy to find, others very rare. I’ve also added more boss battles, over 5 to be exact, some only available to those who truly dig deep into the game. There is also a helpful title screen offering instructions, story details, and more to help players better understand the game.

I’ve put a lot of heart into this game and I am so happy to finally be able to share it with you guys. Please enjoy!

This is amazing work, BronzeSun. When I tried before, I don’t think there were any instructions, so I wasn’t able to figure out how to play.

After reading the instructions it makes a lot more sense :slight_smile:

Wow,this is awesome!

this is amazing i think it is the best game if seen made by flowlab can i add this to my gaming website