Project: Tales Game

Alright so… This is a small project that I have been wanting to do for quite a while.

The Idea:
A Funny, Dungeon Crawler 1-4 players party game where you play as Characters from famous tales.

The Objective:
Fight. Survive. Collect Loot & Gold. Buy Items. Get stronger.
Find the Final Boss Room. Kill the Final Boss of the Dungeon.


  • Final Bosses would be the “Villians” from Tales.
  • Each character would have a class and a set of 3 different and unique abilities.
  • The classes are:
    Support // Their main objective is to heal, Melee combat;

Damage // Just like the name says. Low HP but High Damage. Ranged combat;

Tank // They have more HP and shields which allow them to protect their buds;

Utility // This isn’t a normal class in games but it’s pretty useful. They basically give boosts to allies or debuff enemies;

I have all of the characters written down, with details, abilities, everything.
But the only I drew yet was the Cursed Prince Frog (which is my favourite) because I am still trying to find a simple, funny, and not childish art style.

I tried pixel art which I posted before.
I’m not going to use this style. It’s simple but not animation friendly and appealing enough.

After trying a lot of others. I came up with the Vector rounded shapes style. Animated it and etc.

<img src=“"height="273” width=“245” />

I liked it. But it came out too childish to what I have in mind.

And that’s it guys.
I just wanted to share this idea. Also I’m taking suggestions about the art.
What art style I should pick or do?
(Personally I always prefer pixel art. It’s always more aesthetic to me idk why)

Classes are basically Medic/Mage, Glass Cannon, Juggernaut, Hunting Horn.

Damage for Humpty Dumpty (jk)
Tank for Shrek (also jk)

Nice concept, but how does the screen sharing work? Does it argue over camera priority, or will you have P1 control the camera and the others follow?

Those class names are too medieval aha.
and btw Medic aren’t mages. They fight through melee combat.

Shrek would be a secret character haahah

The camera will have the coordinates of all the players. It will be centred to fit everyone.
(Center of Screen + P1 pos + P2 pos + P3 Pos + P4 pos) /5

Very nice, looking forward to updates. Don’t stray too far from Awakening, I’m still eager to see that as well. I like to take a lot of breaks myself, but I switch between music, concept art, and logic, to keep myself from getting burned out.

I wish I could make music. Trust me I tried so many times and yeah. Only can make loop beats which are super simple.

I know how to play the piano but only with a sheet in front of me. I just can’t compose anything.

I know how you feel. I used to play several instruments, and read sheet music, but now I can’t. I forgot how over 10 years. I recommend FL Studio Mobile. It’s only a couple dollars, almost just as good as the PC version, and I have no idea what I’m doing yet, but I use it anyway. Maybe try it out. Here’s something as an example.

Neon Stars (Crystal’s Theme)
I made this a ways back and even weeks later, Idk what to do with the melody.

UUhhhh nice. Thanks for this.
I will try it out.

Oh, looks like the price went up to $16. I had the beta years ago for like $8 and it was garbage. It has improved soooo much in the last couple years, so $16 is very worth it. The PC version is way too expensive. There’s a lot of tutorials on YouTube, I’m sure, if you need them.

I tried the PC version with the mobile Interface and it is really confusing.
I still have to get used to it. The instruments sound really weird even when I edited them. And most of it is for electronic music.
I wanted to do the classic/orchestra genre.

Also, I have friends from school who are in the music area, so I can ask them for help.

Do you mean on the FL Studio Mobile?
I just bought more orchestra exp instruments for $6 and they all sound like real instruments. Look under Direct Wave. Those are instrument clips, not synths.

Yes (The PC version has the option to choose which layout you want and I picked the mobile because it has fewer options).
That’s not cheap at all ahah. But thanks anyway

Hey you say $16 and a few bucks per instrument pack is expensive, but the premium PC version is $1,000 and I can’t use that on my phone. I still have FL Studio 10 from my XP, and I can’t afford anything else. It was just a suggestion, I’m sure there’s some kind of free music maker.