Prototype Tower Defense Game

Just your thoughts about my prototype


How do I place towers?

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q for archer, w for mage, e for artillery, haven’t implemented selling yet so be careful about the positions of your towers

But I can’t place things down? What do I click to spawn it in?

just left click it lol, if you don’t want a certain tower just right click to cancel

ooooh wait, are you stuck on the map? click on the white flags with the X on them those are the levels

I click on the flag, but once I’m in the level and select a tower nothing happens when I try to left-click

that’s weird, have you pressed the Q W E buttons then left clicked? it’s working perfectly for me and the other guys that played my game on discord

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I pressed Q W E, and a tower was at the cursor colored in red, and no matter where I clicked or moved the cursor it stayed red and wouldn’t be placed

very very weird, what it should do is that you’re not able to place it on the track and the trees and water, but you should when you place it anywhere else other than those

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also if wouldn’t be a hassle for you can you kindly screenshot or record this issue? i’ll try to fix it as soon as I can

I can play it! It is cool, but I don’t know where it ends. After the first wave it stopped.


okay okay sorry! are the different sites different diffuculty levels?


I will add difficulty modes later on, and the later levels will of course get harder and harder, also when the final wave of a level ends it usually shows 2 buttons “Restart” and “Exit Level”, Level 3 is unfinished btw

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