Proximity Bomb Example Help Request

Hello, I would like to set up a proximity object that detects other objects nearby and I know the “Proximity” block does this. However, I would also like to destroy those blocks completely in the proximity area whenever a message is sent out to an enemy (yes this is a minecraft sim for a class teaching example…)

This is what I have:

My game: Flowlab Game Creator - Minecraft Example

(Also I noticed that currently if I activate the same code on my dirt blocks (block-2) then it removes nearly all of the dirt blocks and none of the grass blocks (block-3))

any and all help will be appreciated as my class starts tomorrow! :slight_smile:


I think you just need multiple proximity checks for each block that you want to be removed by the explosion

Proximity is extremely inefficient when you are making a lot of objects check at once.
What you try to do instead is make an explosion object that is not solid and has collision.
And then spawn that explosion object on the creeper, then any ground object that hits it can be removed.


Thanks once again! I was wondering if I needed to place another collision on the creeper once it explodes or if a proximity would do the trick. Sounds like the collision object works better