Proximity "miss" output

I searched the forum, watch the Help video, and read the Help popup, but I am not seeing a description for the “miss” output on Proximity. I am hoping this is a new feature that would send an output signal if the searched for object is outside the search proximity.

Basically I am running Always to Proximity check to see if my ninja character is near my guard character. If so, play an alarm. If not, stop the alarm.

I do not understand what you mean.
But, you really do not need the and gate. The problem that I might think you are having is the sound is playing over and over, an is not going to sound right.

lol. yes, the sound is current messed up.
On the Proximity box is a “miss” output. It does not appear in the Help video nor the Help information.

So you are confused on what the “miss” output does?

yes. I am assuming it means the Proximity check failed, or missed.


The miss output determines whether the selected object is in the range of the proximity or not.

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The name should be self explanatory. (idk if thats how you say that)

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It seems you may have this game set to unlisted+locked, I can’t open the editor.

But you are correct, miss outputs if the selected object is not in the proximity.
But you are also always inputting play into the sound behavior if the proximity hits.
I suggest using a switch to play the sound, but still use miss to stop it, like so: